A motivated, dedicated and well qualified faculty will oversee the well-being of our students. An ideal teacher-student ratio will make it possible for our faculty to monitor the progress of every child.

 The faculty will be well equipped with modem technologies such as computers. LCD or overhead projectors for class room teaching, lessons plans, assignments and evaluation. This enables staff to make learning more interactive and effective.

 Regular in-service programme and refresher course conducted by renowned experts of India will keep the faculty abreast of the latest national and international developments in the field of education. It will bring our faculty at par to the metropolitan counterpart and thereby it will afford them the opportunity to innovate and excel in today’s highly competitive world.

Tutorial System

Each teacher is a tutor of a small group of children. h is launched because students coming from various types of socio-economic-educational background will not be thrown into the deep end of the school’s national level academic system. With the help of the tutor they will begin to learn to organize their own work and start making genuine choices of their own. Progress will be carefully monitored at every stage and every detail recorded. More than just a teacher, the tutor will keep an eye on his/her tutorial group. The two will meet regularly to discuss the pupils progress and pmblems. The class teachers and the tutors will act as a vital link in the school’s system acting as a friend. an advisor and confidant.

Infrastructure & Library

Sandrokotus Educational Institution Ltd.. the parent body, has set up ‘Mission Sciences- The Real School’ with national level infrastructure having all state-of-the-an facilities at the academic nerve centre of Bhagalpur i.e., Tilaka Manjhi Chowk. Class rooms, science labs, computer labs, library and each and every, comer of the school have been extensively taken care of.

The school has a well-equipped air-conditioned computerized library. To inculcate proper reading habits, library’ period is a part of the time table of each class. A wide range of books aims to help children rediscover the joy of reading. A very extensive reference section helps students work on multi-dimensional projects and their various competitive examinations. School library also supplies teachers with a wide range of reference books and other materials to enrich their own classroom activities and instruction.


Well-equipped Science Labs for physics, chemistry and biology have been setup. The computerized learning with intemet facility have been provided, no that children can experiment and observe the theoretical know-how into application — a prerequisite for competitive examinations. Besides, the facility bawd on Information Technology opens up latest world class information on the subject. The state-of-the-art science labs also assists in science activity, projects, models for science exhibitions, etc. A ‘maths lab’, a language lab, and a botanical garden having medicinal plants are also on our agenda.

Computer Lab

Mission Sciences take, pride in being state-of•the-art information technology provider having all its computers on LAN (Local Area Network). Well equipped air-conditioned Compu,r Lab is set up to provide all kchnkal assitance to Computer Science which is an inky-parts of CBSE academic curriculum. Classes XI and XII 360 have Informatics Practices elective subject of stud). IT is used as an effective tool in the daily teaching•eaming proce, Teachers use the computer to reinforce their teaching and children are encouraged to prep, projects using fr. hforetwer, other audio-video aids are availabk to the staff and students

Extra Curricular Activities

Mission Sciences firmly believes in the holistic development of each child. Since SMS chalked out a very tough and well lath academic curriculum in order to groom every student a winner and a front-miner in CBSE Board Examination and any competitive examination he/she opted for, it has also planned some extracurricular activities in accordance with the elective CBSE curriculum as well as a forum for filertal relaxation and blissful creativity.

Music and Dance

sms incorporates Music and Dance as an important part in the academic, social and spiritual life of the school. Instrumental music. Indian classical dance. Western dance. group singing and chanting of Sanskrit hymns and Sloka.s are some important features of it. Students will derive immense pleasure and cultural benefit from choral music because of ins ever encompassing flows that envelops mind and heart of each participating child.

Drama and Theatre

Drama as an art form is held in highest regard for its intrinsic ability to bring literature to life. This particular an form helps in deciphering the complexities of abstract intellectual concepts through background music, lighting, body movements, dialogues. action. emotion and evolution of story from one stage to another stage upto climaxes. Thus, Drama is an effective pan of teaching which makes each explanation memorable. joyful and a positive teaming experience for the child.

The House System

The entire school community is divided into four houses namely: Chandragupta Maurya, Samudra Gupta. Angraj Karna and Loard Vasupujya. Colours blue, green, yellow and red are assigned [ to each house respectively. Each house has house master, house captain and house vice-captain. ‘There will be regular inter-house competitions in sports, elocution, dramatics, music, dance, quiz, ..art, etc. The house system is incorporated in order to inculcate team spirit, self-confidence, .tolerance. sense of responsibility and leadership qualities in each student.

Sports and Physical Education

Sports will be given a lot of importance. It will be an elective subject based on CBSE curriculum. As in academics. excellence in games and sports will be sought. Emphasis will be laid on physical fitness.