The School

Situated in the heart of Bhagalpur town, the School prides itself in having super book collection in library equipped with
latest IT technology, science lab, computer lab, audio-visual support, seminar and conference facilities.
With its unique time-table and disciplined system of co-education, it will provide a marvelous educational opportunity
for children of varying levels of ability and aspirants coming from different social, cultural and educational
backgrounds. Our first patron was Air Vice Marshal (Retd.) Late B.K. Challu.

Our Concept

The hall-mark of our education policy will be to ‘discover the child’, find its basic potential and give that potential an
encouraging and appropriate intellectual and extra curricular support. The school will be a living community to satisfy
st the manifold needs of a grown-up child suited to the competitive world of the 21 century.

School Rules and Discipline

Discipline is the hallmark of all human pursuits, therefore, Mission Sciences will adopt it in all its purest sense. Thus, students are expected to observe it with great sincerity. sms students should be well disciplined, courteous, gentle on all occasions and everywhere.

 The school Rules are mentioned in the School Diary in a comprehensive form. All students and parrents are expected to be aware of and to strictly abide them

The management

SMS MISSION SCIENCES is patronised by Delhi’s top ranking defence officers and educators and at local level by
Chartered Accountants, seasoned entrepreneur and renowned business professionals. The company is responsible for
making policy decisions for the school, managing the finances and holding senior appointments, Besides, top notched
academic professionals from Delhi and other cosmopolitan cities of India, regular teaching staff of the school and
parents are responsible for the smooth running of the school.

Technology in Education: Career Guidance and Orientation Classes

The school passionately believes in integrating latest technology with modem teaching methods in order to provide latest teaching aids to the students.

 Refresher course conducted by eminent teachers of reputed schools and premier coaching institutes of Delhi. NCR and other metropolitan towns. Renowned educational agencies of national and international stature will help our faculty to remain upgraded with contemporary teaching methodology and latest information.

 The school will invite eminent guest teachers/career counselor to make students aware of vast opportunities available after +2 Board Examination and thereby help them in career selection.

 Orientation classes for class XI students  will be held in April/May before the Board results and regular classes commence.

 The students will be exposed to a wide range of activities such as guest lectures on personality building, motivation, communication skills, stress and time management. They will also go for educational tours and visit of industrial and higher education establishments during orientation classes.