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about the school

sms mission sciences

Situated in the heart of Bhagalpur town, the School prides itself in having an ultra-modern building, state-of-art class rooms, super book collection in library equipped with latest IT technology, science lab, computer lab, audio-visual support, structured administrative block, and seminar & conference facilities. In short, school infrastructure can be compared with any great upmarket school of Delhi and NCR. The objective in providing excellent infrastructure is to develop simulated environs in which a student can avail full scope of craftsmanship and personal enthusiasm to flourish alongside the common core of school subjects and activities.

Our motto

Our Motto, ‘योग कर्मसु कौशलम्‘ Bhagvadgita, Chapter-II, Verse-50) aptly describes our educational philosophy, concept and methodology. We all know, our millinea old Indian civilization produced numerous geniuses in every walk of life – polity, religion, philosophy, pure mathematics, astronomy, art, architecture, literature etc. Our ancient sages emphasized the importance of Yoga – coordination of thought and action. so that perfection and excellence can be achieved. Therefore, our motto is guiding force through which the student will get profound sense of self-reliance, self-motivation and sense of responsibility and integrity.

Our Facilities


The school has a well-equipped air-conditioned computerized library. To inculcate proper reading habits, library’ period is a part of the time table of each class. Read more


Well-equipped Science Labs for physics, chemistry and biology have been setup. The computerized learning with internet facility have been provided, no that children can Read more

Smart Class

The school passionately believes in integrating latest technology with modem teaching methods in order to provide latest teaching aids to the students. Refresher course Read more

Computer Lab

Mission Sciences take, pride in being state-of•the-art information technology provider having all its computers on LAN (Local Area Network). Well equipped Read more


Mission Sciences firmly believes in the holistic development of each child. Since SMS chalked out a very tough and well lath academic curriculum to groom every student. Read more


Sports will be given a lot of importance. It will be an elective subject based on CBSE curriculum. As in academics. excellence in games and sports will be sought. Read more

Music & Dance

sms incorporates Music and Dance as an important part in the academic, social and spiritual life of the school. Instrumental music, Indian classical dance, Western dance Read more

House System

The entire school community is divided into four houses namely: Chandragupta Maurya, Samudra Gupta. Angraj Karna and Loard Vasupujya.  Read more


A motivated, dedicated and well qualified faculty will see the well-being of our students. An ideal teacher-student ratio will make it possible for our faculty to monitor the progress of every child.

The faculty will be well equipped with modern technologies, such as computers, LCD or overhead projectors for classroom teaching, lesson plans, assignments and evaluation. This enable staff to make learning more interactive and effective.

Regular in-service program and refresher course conducted by renowned experts of India will keep the faculty abreast of the latest national and international developments in the field of education. It will bring our faculty at par to the metropolitan counterpart and thereby it will afford them the opportunity to innovate and excel in today’s highly competitive world.


The school will follow the CBSE Syllabus as well as the best academics practices pursued by many upmarket schools of Delhi and National Capital Region. Here again the endeavor will be to make learning more child centric.

The Academic year is divided into two semesters at the end of which the classes will appear for term exams. Unit tests of one subject will be held weekly, so that development of each student is monitored and corrective measures can be initiated accordingly.